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Enjoy a convenient, cost-effective approach to concierge medical care that is individualized to each client. Our goal is to help women find balance, and create a better version of you.

Hormone Assessment

Brain fog, irritability, focus, forgetfulness, feeling disconnected, hot flashes, insomnia, sleep deprivation, hair loss… body pain,
and arthritis can be caused by hormone imbalances.

Thyroid testing

Thyroid dysfunctions are often at the core of many issues women choose to tolerate. But, issues you may have with your metabolism, bones and body functions can be treated and completely relieved.

Weight Loss Plans

Technology, scientific breakthroughs, and our knowledge has come a long way since Weight Watchers was invented in 1963. We are now able to identify core issues and treat the issues, aside from just diet.

Energy & Nutrition

Energy and hunger issues can be caused by a physical issue, and not caused by mental weaknesses. No matter what the balance behind the issue, we figure it out and help jumpstart your body’s energy.

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Are you frustrated with traditional medicine?

Are you sick of all the extra co-pays and decreases in coverage?

Unnecessary additional appointments that lead you nowhere?

Sick and tired of not being heard?

Being told "it's part of aging, just deal with it"?

Sick of hearing, "I know you are frustrated, but here's another antidepressant?"

Hormone imbalances can take many forms.

Learn about signs, symptoms, treatments, and why it’s so important to put your body back in balance.

Your Uniquely Qualified Healthcare Provider

Leann L Swanson, FNP-BC

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years in various modalities, making a difference in lives. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have enjoyed listening closely, and watching carefully, while addressing primary care issues – as well as urgent care needs of many people in our local community. There’s so much in our environment, our family dynamics, and our bodies that affects our bodily functions, and the engines that run our bodies – our brain, our glands, and our gut. I solved and conquered my own metabolism and weight issues that I lived with for many years. Experiencing the difference of living life in balance, and optimizing my health, fuels my passion to help other women with similar struggles, and physical goals.  As a “holistic health and wellness-minded” medical practitioner, I enjoy making a difference in the lives of women as we work together to achieve your perfect balance through traditional medicine, alternative treatments, as well as offering vital psychological support. Our goal is to always achieve the thrill of victory that comes with honing in on what you and your body needs most. My passion is to help you live the life you deserve, while suppling you with the medical care, alternative care strategies, and the tools you need for your individual journey of wellness.

Me Time & We Time Ideas

Please feel free to bring a friend, or gift a treatment. It’s an experience to share.

Our Happy Clients

It’s always Leann’s goal to thrill you with your experience!

Leann was very professional, courteous, informative and caring. She explained things simply, to make sure I understood what was going on, she really took her time with me.


Leann gave me the confidence that she heard what I said and addressed my concerns fully. Wish she could be a PCP and there were more like her. Grateful.


Leann's professional Knowledge and clarity of what I needed to do was helpful and comforting.


Leann is very kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Made me feel at ease.


I was thoroughly impressed with the care I received from Leann. She was patient, thorough and very concerned about taking care of my problem.

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