Health Assessments

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Pre Menopause

Pre-menopause is a natural part of life, and also represents a point of transition that can last several years and effect your mood, hair, bones, and sex drive. Similar symptoms can be caused by thyroid or other issues, so testing and assessments are vital. The test results, along with conversations, help us home-in on your best path for treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone testing is done through a hormone panel to test your levels of estrogen and other sex-linked hormones. This kind of testing can often show whether you are nearing or in menopause. Hormone imbalances can be treated with injections, topical creams, through diet, and other medical and creative modalities.

Assessment of Adrenal Dysfunction

Adrenal dysfunctions can cause insufficiencies of certain hormones such as cortisol, your “stress hormone”, which can cause anxiety and depression. The adrenal glands are located just above the kidneys. Adrenal insufficiency can be primary, secondary, or tertiary. Primary adrenal insufficiency is called Addison’s disease.

Assessment of Thyroid Dysfunction

Your thyroid, is a butterfly shaped gland located at the base of your neck. It can overproduce, (hyperthyroidism), or under produce, (hypothyroidism), hormones. Thyroid disorders can affect heart rate, mood, energy levels, metabolism, your immune system, bone health, pregnancies, and many other functions.

Weight Loss

An assessment of your physical constitution can help us identify an interesting mixture of mental, nutritional, and physical issues you might need to address. This assessment helps us identify what might be at the core of certain “tell tails”, as will blood tests, stress tests, and other factors that help us determine what’s best for your body.

Health Coaching & Ongoing Support

As we work together, perform assessments, administer personalized treatments, and talk about your issues and goals, having learned and intuitive support around you can absolutely make all the difference to your ability to achieve your most optimum health, and your ability to maintain the “new you” we discover and establish together.

Weight Loss

Metabolism Stimulation

If you are considering enhancing the success of your weight loss journey with injections such as Ozempic or Semaglutide that stimulate your metabolism, or topical creams that alter your hormone balance, you want to work with someone whose advice and medical expertise you can count on.

Personalized IV Therapy

IV Therapy makes a world of difference, and fast. The way foods are made, and the way your digestive system works, does not allow your body to stay hydrated and absorb vital nutrients the way IV therapy allows. You will notice marked stimulation as your body soaks in the exact nutrients it needs.

Functional Lab Work

Your gut fuels everything that keeps your body alive and moving. A deeper analysis of YOU (blood, saliva, urine and stool) is a more complete way to help us determine the best individualized treatment pathway for YOU. With continual monitoring we can help you keep your life in balance.

Peptide therapies may be offered to augment treatments.

Inspiring, Ongoing Support

Leann Swanson, the founder of All Women’s Wellness, has overcome her own struggles with her weight and hormone imbalances by leveraging her decades of experience as a medical professional. It’s her mission to replace your lifelong struggles with a happier, healthier, and more inspired “you”.

Tele & In-Person Support

We provide a unique model of concierge medicine, in-person or over the phone, that keeps it affordable and also keeps the best possible care wrapped around you.

90 Minute Consultation fee is $300 (This is the initial intake paperwork to be filled out ahead of time, PMX, Medications, DX etc.)